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Riverwood 200 – Atlanta, Georgia

Geotechnical Construction at 200 Riverwood Parkway in Atlanta, Georgia

Project Description

  • The project consisted of a 12-story office building and a 6-level parking deck. The project site is on the south side of Riverwood Parkway immediately to the west of the existing Riverwood 100 building.
  • The parking deck was constructed over the existing detention pond and beneath the tower.
  • Permanent shoring consisting of a Soil Nail Wall was constructed along the north and east walls.
  • A partially permanent, partially temporary Soldier Pile Wall with tiebacks was constructed along the western side of the site around and below an existing MSE Wall.
  • Additionally, a lower retaining wall along the western side of the project site was constructed as a permanent soldier pile wall with permanent tiebacks.
  • The shoring wall extended around three sides of the building and parking deck comprising a total of about 15,000 square feet of permanent soil nail wall and about 5,000 square feet of permanent beam and lagging wall.


Project Details

Date Completed Winter 2016
Skills Permanent Shoring Wall, Soil Nail Wall, Soldier Pile Wall, Tiebacks, Permanent Soldier Pile Wall, Retaining Wall, Beam Wall, Lagging wall

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